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Leaded Wire-Wound Resistors

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 KNP Series, Leaded Wire-Wound, Flame Proof

Wire-Wound, 1/4w,1/2w,1w,2w,3w,5w,7w,8w,10w


PR9526 Series, Fusible Wire-Wound, Flame Proof

Wire-Wound, 1w, 2w, 3w, 5w, 7w, 10w

PWW-Series Wire-Wound Flameproof Resistor


Resistor PWW-Series Wire-Wound, Flameproof, 1/8w thru 10w

GMR-Series Wire-Wound Power Resistor

Resistor GMR-Series Wire-Wound, Power, 5w thru 300w

Ceramic Housed Resistor.webp

WWR-Series Ceramic Housed Resistor

Resistor WWR-Series Ceramic Housed Resistor 2w thru 50w

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